Sex is passionate – Part 2

Sex is passionate – Part 2

….I was unstoppable, squeezing and rubbing it up and down while I was sucking the penis with my mouth, swallowed it deep in my throat and keep it there for a few seconds … I choked on it! Hmmm this is one of the best things in sex..

More foreplay ‘n sex, my pussy comes into play

And if I was allowed to suck his dick, now was the time to give him my pussy, but not too much because I wanted to feel his dick inside me during sex! I got up on my knees separated and sat down with my pussy on his face! I let him play with her a little … How much pleasure I took … His tongue touched my clitoris and caused tremors throughout my body … His lips were hot, they covered my pussy while he continued to kiss my clitoris helping me to create an intense sexual pleasure

I need to feel his dick inside me and make wild sex

I came down with my pussy and I sat into his dick directly! “Oh baby you’re good! Put your dick in me and have sex … Give me all!” I started to rub his belly powerfully with my clit, while stuffing his cock deeper into me.. It was too exciting, I felt I come soon … I wanted to extended the time to have more sex and pleasure! We continued to fuck with wild moves, his penis caused me intense feelings.. I said let’s change the position, so he went behind my back… Sex in doggy style, it’s among the most exciting positions…Article quoted by   I really like it, to feel his strong cock is hitting me in the vagina again and again! As the powerful penis was hitting my pussy, I continued rubbing my clit and my cunt was so wet that his cock went deeper and deeper with every movement… It started, I felt I have a huge orgasm!!! He felt it as it was approaching and said: “Fuck your dick, move on me, my little cocksucker!” I was mad with pleasure when I heard him! My orgasm was approaching, uhhh, how close is was … I rubbed my clit with my fingers as strong as I could, to press and move them quickly … Ahh … Uh … I have orgasmmm!! … Just after a few seconds he started shaking as well: “Tell me, do you want to put my sperm in you? … Yes! … Flood my cunt with your sperm!”  We fell exhausted on the bed. What a sex … This happens when two people are really involved, to reach surprising results! 🙂 Full of passion, a passion like when we fucked for the first time! Hope you enjoyed my story, I expect comments and opinions on my blog, see you next time , kiss you!!!!

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