Sex is passionate – Part 1

Sex is passionate – Part 1

It happens very often that I want something, and that something must be done! I was at work the whole day, waiting for the end of the day to go home. It was a usual day without anything special, so I had time to think and have my naughty sexual fantasies about sex! Yes, during the day at work I was thinking on sex a lot. Basically, I still not decided what I wanted to do, maybe just hang around somewhere with my partner, laughing together and sleep in his arms, or to have some hot sex as well. I have a very developed sexual appetite and my partners knows me very well when it comes to sex, we understand each other quite well in every situation.  He knows when I am excited, when my orgasm approaching, he knows what to tell me to excite me to the maximum.

Relaxing before sex, a foreplay for me

I got home and my partner was at home already, but I didn’t want something fast, instead I wanted to take care of each other, to relax before having sex, because it helps me to be more excited later. We prepared some hot bath, some candles to have an erotic environment around us. We have our own methods, and if we do not know something, we are spontaneous and invent new things J It is very important for me to create some nice condition when it comes to sex, I like to get involved into the details as I have time to think about the details. Before I arrived home my partner put music to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, I was so happy… He came to me – “Hello my love” -, gave a sensitive kiss and held me in his arms… We sat down on the couch in the living room, and started to talk about the day and the work, but I couldn’t focus on his sentences as his lips made me horny, some kind of sexual desire started to awake in me… I was hungry for it, I was hungry for sex… I switched the topic from the work to have a bath together, which was already prepared. Soon his face was flooded with happiness so we undressed and went to the bathroom… We both entered the hot water, continue to laugh at our jokes, which was fun and relaxing… We stood up and we started to wash each other, I felt we gonna have a great sex as this was so exciting.. I was sensitive that day, I wanted to make love not wild sex..

Blowjob as part of our daily sex

After we finished, he took me in his arms and lying on the bed and kissing passionately… hmmm… I wanted to have him in me so much, I wanted to have sex and love with him..Article quoted by   Everything seemed so intimate, so passionate, or hot bodies touched, I was like a volcano ready to explode, and I didn’t do anything yet… We kissed a few minutes, then I slowly lower my hands to touch his delicious dick.. I was playing with my hand on it… Then I went down and started to lick his hot balls, then suck the cock that I was dreaming all day about! I took it in my mouth and started to enjoy it… I love oral sex… At first I was moving slowly up and down, trying to place as much as possible in my throat, I love to give special blowjobs with deep throat, that’s what I call a good oral sex from my side… “Ahhh, my cocksucker, don’t stop” .. When I hear his talking, I get more horny, I go crazy to find out how can I suck his dick even better!…..

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