Girlfriend experience

Girlfriend experience escort lesson

Hello my girls! I was sitting at home and thinking about what shall I teach you, which type of customer would be the easiest to learn about today. I came to a conclusion, that we should not hurry, we have to take everything slowly to have time to talk about the classification of our clients. Today we are going to read about the girlfriend experience (GFE). As I said before the customers are different, but I’m gonna teach you from my experience how I see and handle them. So we do not rush, I will explain each and every type in the next lessons as well. So back to our original topic, the girlfriend experience.

Girlfriend experience

Girlfriend experience

Customers who want girlfriend experience (GFE)

I understand that you want to become a professional escort who makes good money. If you prostitute yourself, go to the next level, this is the way to make more and more money with less work. New let’s go to our lesson about the customers who want girlfriend experience. There are customers who want you to behave as if you were their girlfriend, so that’s it. Sounds easy and simple, no? Anyone who knows how to be friendly with someone, can act like this, but you have to take the role seriously. Honestly I do not really like clients with girlfriend experience, I am more wild and I like to dominate or to be dominated… But back to the topic, if to give a real girlfriend experience, you must act like his girlfriend, even with your words, try to be sweet and romantic as possible, you should be slower, do not rush, because these type of customers need time to get into the atmosphere. They need to feel the sexual energy between you.


If you want to give a real girlfriend experience, be romantic

I recommend you to open a glass of wine, get into some kind of discussion, these help to relax! Let him decide when it’s time to make sex, he won’t hurry, he usually wants to discover you. You can help him to feel more horny if you wear a sexy lingerie, you can try to kiss him when both of you are standing, leave the impression that you missed him all day and you only expect to kiss him… This is what I call a real girlfriend experience!

If you stand up and kiss, let him choose the time when you undress, maybe he likes to do it himself, take time as everything has to happen slowly. These customers who want girlfriend experience often behave as if they want to discover you for the first time, they often take care of you more in the bed without having any naughty or wild sexual actions. When you get in bed with him continue the kiss, kisses are very important and have great effect, many of these customers want kisses the most, as they feel you closer.Article quoted by . You can make them more horny if you are sensual and affectionate than if you are wild, as they are sensitive. So I also recommend you if you want to give a real girlfriend experience, touch his back, chest, play with his dick before you get to a blowjob, it can be slow when it comes to the moves you make, kiss his body, play with the nipples, kiss his chest, abdomen, be really sensual like a real lover. Passionate kisses and slow movements are the key factors…

Even when you give a blowjob, it has to be slow and passionate… I will teach you later when we get there, how to give the best blowjob and deep throat, but later… Everything is patience, I want you to become the best escort! I really hope that you understand now the secret of girlfriend experience, just imagine you make love with your boyfriend, who is a romantic guy… I finish my lesson here, keep checking back and sweet kisses!

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