Sex in the car

Sex in the car

Finally the weekend arrived, so we got rid of the hard days of working. We were preparing to go on some vacation in the mountains. I prepared our luggage with everything that was necessary, and as it was winter time, I wanted to enjoy the sports of this season…a bit of skating and skiing… I was very excited, we collected our bags and headed to the car… It was minus ten degrees, so I the idea came into my mind, what if I would make a surprise and “hot time” to my man and make sex in the car? Hmmm…

Prepare to have sex in the car

We were ready to go and reached the mountains in two hours, maybe three, everything was up to the traffic, and as it was the weekend, many people went there as well. When we entered the highway that leads to the mountain, the car was warm enough so I started to take off my clothes I had on me, I was in a low-cut breasts shirt so my tits were almost coming out of my bra.. I looking into his eyes, his tongue was slightly over his lips as a sign that has me craving… and I was craving it, sex in the car… there was a lot until we reach those mountains… I never ending highway, and I was horny.

We were on the road for one hour and the traffic became more congested… I wanted to make a crazy thing, I had sex in the car before, and my mind imagined all sorts of different sexual scenarios that I got more and more horny… “Is it possible that he wants the same thing? Will my game work?” Only one possibility remained for me, to try – so I grabbed the zipper of my jeans, opened it, and put the pants down… He was looking at me, and didn’t know how to react or what the expect… I started to rub my clitoris with my hand… I wanted to have sex in the car… to feel his dick in my pussy! The car suddenly slowed down a little bit, and he said: “I wanna fuck you, my cocksucker!” … MMmmmm… “Fuck me like crazy!”…

I left the rear seats and created a bed, only the gearshift separated us… I bent down and started to make him a blowjob, hmmm delicious cock… I began to suck like I usually do, rub it up and down, take it deep in my mouth, while rubbing the dick with my hand, I was doing it with passion and he loved it! …A deeper throat stuffing is something that he likes the most, so I did it and tried to keep the cock down in my throat as much and as long as I could. I knew he loved to have the cock deeper in my throat. After I gave him a blowjob, I was so excited that I told him: “Please fuck me now, I want to reach orgasm!” He came over me.. Article quoted by  I must admit it was a bit awkward to have sex in the car, it did not compare with the couch at home! But my pussy was so hot… wanted to be penetrated… It was my favorite position, I sat with legs wide open while he strongly penetrate me… My vagina was filled with his big cock…

Sex in the car can be an exciting sexual experience

It was so pleasant, cars were passing us, but it didn’t bother us at all, moreover it was exciting. Sex in the car with windows around, I used to have sex in the car but never in the highway before. It’s always exciting for me to try something new, especially when you know you are not in the bedroom. I parted my legs as hard as I could to feel the dick go deeper and deeper!


The cock was moving back and forth in my pussy, I took his cock in my hand and rubbed it while then he penetrated again my vagina, it gave both of us an intense pleasure… I wrapped my legs around his trunk and tightened them to feel him closer to me, as much as possible, to get the dick deep inside me… I rubbed my clitoris to the abdomen, I felt there his muscles, I grabbed his ass to pull him more closer and his cock went even deeper… “Push you dick deep in me! Invade my pussy with your sperm!”

Sex in the car with great orgasm and surprise

He started to fuck me like mad, deeper, faster, his movements became more powerful and my orgasm came as well… “I want your sperm”… We heard some sirens and cars in the disctance.. we ignored them and continue to make wild sex, nothing stood in our way.. We continued to keep the intensity on maximum…”Ahhh, fuck me strong! I cum…” We had an orgams together… “Fuck you dick, my little cocksucker!”

The police were beating in the window of the car: “Hello, please dress we make a control!” We’ve got a fine of two hundred Euros, so it was an expensive sex in the car but worth it… I do not recommend this just if you can pay the two hundred Euros penalty hihi… Hope you enjoyed my experience, cannot wait to write your more, kisses!

Escort girls and daring clients

Escort girls and daring clients escort lesson

Hello escort girls, we meet again! I’m glad you visit my blog posts, it means you would like to learn from my experiences, so they are useful in a way and you are interested in becoming an escort. I’m really glad to have you escort girls along, and also that you can learn from what I’ve learned over ten years. I feel good and I’m happy with the job I have, I have never been ashamed to say I’m an escort, even my parents know what I do, and eventually I managed to have a good car, a house that has value and money in my bank account.

Escort girls can have a great life

It’s hard to stop especially to be one of the best escort girls as it’s easy money, even if sometimes you do things weird. Over time you get used to it, it’s a lifestyle. My mother always told me, there are girls who want to be like you! And she was absolutely right, many girls want to practice this profession, but for many it’s not easy. Anyway, it would be weird to see all the girls are doing this job…. Today I’m going to talk about another type of client, the daring one, who is sure of himself and has self confidence, but basically requires normal things. It’ going to be a short lesson, as I do not have much to say about these clients. They are normal customers who personally me and most of the escort girls like a lot.

Escort girls like daring clients, read why…

As I said, they are normal customers and will ask maximum anal sex. When you meet with these clients, an enema should be done before the meeting, as we always want to impress our clients. What else should you know about these clients? Like other customers, they are crazy about sexy linen, they adore high heels, they are active when it comes to discussions. Sometimes they are little bit narcissistic, they like jokes and talk about themselves. You will have lot of clients that will look good in appearance, sex with clients sometimes can be very pleasant for escort girls, we are not always unlucky to meet ugly guys, we always have surprises.

Many times it happened that I met clients who were even more beautiful than my former boyfriends, so anything is possible, sometimes it’s fun… Customers that are daring need some chat before sex, but will be fast when it comes to make sex, they are usually hot and horny! They like sex with two, even with three girls, so you can make a surprise and present them a friend of yours, dividing the work, I think it sounds interesting. I like when there are more girls with a client, especially if you also know those girls, work becomes easier.

Compared these “daring” clients from the “girlfriend experience” ones, these customers want active sex. Wild sex with nasty words, with a professional blowjob. They like real sex, like what you make with your partner. Normal customers often have lot of money, they trust themselves and know how to satisfy women, so they are fun. You will understand what I mean. If you know how to be sexually active as an escort girl then you can taste it, you have to get involved when you have sex with such a client.Article quoted by    You can make a good atmosphere and impress him if you want to fuck in unusual places, such as the desk or on the couch. He does not ask to be as intimate as we saw with clients who want girlfriend experience, they ask you more to leave the girlfriend experience and make something daring and wild, but nothing out of ordinary.

Today you’ve received a small, but important lesson, I hope you were not bored and you turn back next time! Until then I kiss You all my sweet escort girls!

Sex at work

Sex at work

Sex at work

Sex at work

Hello my dear blog readers! Today I’m gonna tell you a story that happened a few days ago. Do you find it exciting to have sex at work? Then continue to read!

A “horny morning” makes you feel to have sex at work

We were ready to go at work in the morning, but before we did I was so horny that I had to touch my boyfriend’s cock… I rubbed it, played for a few seconds, and it was enough for him to feel the desire to have sex… I had no time to play anymore, unfortunately I had to go to work. Even in the car I was dreaming about to have sex at work with him… I think we had the same thoughts, we were sitting quietly in the car, he was driving carefully to the building where I had my office. We kissed and said goodbye there. We work very close to each other, so it took him an extra three minutes by car until he arrived to work as well. I think you can imagine what happened later that day …. sex at work became a reality…but stay with me and keep reading!

The best at work is sex at work

I was working a lot that day, my boss gave me a hard time. I felt like it was a disaster. I was still excited from what happened earlier that morning, I rubbed my boyfriend’s dick with my hand, what fun it was to feel! I could not concentrate all day… I was thinking on his dick all day long… it’s so big, taste delicious! I wanted to have sex at work with him… and suddenly I thought, what if I make him a surprise? I have to visit him during the lunch break, I’m sure he will love it!

So I was waiting for the lunch, I had 10 minutes left until I can be in his arms having sex at work with him! I went to his office, it was a beautiful winter day, I had a dress on me, sexy mesh panties to see everything through them, and some high heel boots… Cannot wait to get rid of the clothes when I get in my boyfriend’s office! Finally I arrived. “Hi Honey, I wanted to make a surprise, to visit you at work!… (and have sex at work)- I thought.

I could clearly see on his face that he was surprised but very happy at the same time, he closed the office door and suddenly raised me on his desk, put the pants off me until the knee… I parted my legs and I let him to put his face in my pussy! “Yes baby, I go crazy! Make sex at work with me, fuck me!”.. He started to play with my clit, rubbed it slowly… was so exciting! He was hungry for my pussy, he seemed to have not enough….

I was close to have an orgasm, so I stopped him and started to suck his dick… Mmmm, I’ve been dreaming of this moment for hours… Mmmm what a tasty, delicious cock! I stuffed it deep in my throat and held it down for a few seconds.. He took my head and moved the dick in my mouth pushing my head up and down, I let him to torment my neck, my throat with the speed he wanted. I started to cry, my tears fell on the cheek, but he still forced me to suck and swallow his big cock… Article quoted by   Yeah, I loved it! After a few minutes I had to stand up, he stood behind me and shoved his cock hard into my pussy from behind. “Uhhh baby, fuck! It’s sooo good”… This sex at work was better than I thought, he hit me with his penis stronger and stronger, my vagina was very wet from the beginning. We changed the position and I was sitting with the ass on the desk while he was fucking me from the front.

Orgasm and sex at work can be fast but sooo exciting

I was rubbing my clit with my hand to have more pleasure, doing circular movements mixed with walking up and down, and I was getting more and more exciting. We still had some little time, but as the lunch break was almost over I had to rush to have an orgasm. He understood the situation, sex at work can be fast, so he started to fuck me strong… He hit the speed which I liked, so I came.. “ahh…AAahahh.. I am your cocksucker, I had an orgasm!” He continued a bit and ordered me to get down on my knees…

He wanted to fill my mouth with his cum which I had to swallow.. I loved the idea! I took his dick in my hand I started to squeeze it, while rubbing it up and down, sucking it at the same time. It didn’t take long when he said: “ Tell me you want my sperm in your mouth! –  Yes, I want, give me your sperm, I want to eat it!” It came immediately while I was rubbing it, hmmm, I swallowed everything, like an obedient girl!

So go ahead, if you have the possibility have sex at work, it can be one of your most exciting and sensual experience, I guarantee you darling! Kisses, and come back to read more from me, ciao!

Girlfriend experience

Girlfriend experience escort lesson

Hello my girls! I was sitting at home and thinking about what shall I teach you, which type of customer would be the easiest to learn about today. I came to a conclusion, that we should not hurry, we have to take everything slowly to have time to talk about the classification of our clients. Today we are going to read about the girlfriend experience (GFE). As I said before the customers are different, but I’m gonna teach you from my experience how I see and handle them. So we do not rush, I will explain each and every type in the next lessons as well. So back to our original topic, the girlfriend experience.

Girlfriend experience

Girlfriend experience

Customers who want girlfriend experience (GFE)

I understand that you want to become a professional escort who makes good money. If you prostitute yourself, go to the next level, this is the way to make more and more money with less work. New let’s go to our lesson about the customers who want girlfriend experience. There are customers who want you to behave as if you were their girlfriend, so that’s it. Sounds easy and simple, no? Anyone who knows how to be friendly with someone, can act like this, but you have to take the role seriously. Honestly I do not really like clients with girlfriend experience, I am more wild and I like to dominate or to be dominated… But back to the topic, if to give a real girlfriend experience, you must act like his girlfriend, even with your words, try to be sweet and romantic as possible, you should be slower, do not rush, because these type of customers need time to get into the atmosphere. They need to feel the sexual energy between you.


If you want to give a real girlfriend experience, be romantic

I recommend you to open a glass of wine, get into some kind of discussion, these help to relax! Let him decide when it’s time to make sex, he won’t hurry, he usually wants to discover you. You can help him to feel more horny if you wear a sexy lingerie, you can try to kiss him when both of you are standing, leave the impression that you missed him all day and you only expect to kiss him… This is what I call a real girlfriend experience!

If you stand up and kiss, let him choose the time when you undress, maybe he likes to do it himself, take time as everything has to happen slowly. These customers who want girlfriend experience often behave as if they want to discover you for the first time, they often take care of you more in the bed without having any naughty or wild sexual actions. When you get in bed with him continue the kiss, kisses are very important and have great effect, many of these customers want kisses the most, as they feel you closer.Article quoted by . You can make them more horny if you are sensual and affectionate than if you are wild, as they are sensitive. So I also recommend you if you want to give a real girlfriend experience, touch his back, chest, play with his dick before you get to a blowjob, it can be slow when it comes to the moves you make, kiss his body, play with the nipples, kiss his chest, abdomen, be really sensual like a real lover. Passionate kisses and slow movements are the key factors…

Even when you give a blowjob, it has to be slow and passionate… I will teach you later when we get there, how to give the best blowjob and deep throat, but later… Everything is patience, I want you to become the best escort! I really hope that you understand now the secret of girlfriend experience, just imagine you make love with your boyfriend, who is a romantic guy… I finish my lesson here, keep checking back and sweet kisses!

How to choose a London escort agency

How to choose a London escort agency

So you’ve spent some time browsing reviews of the great London escorts that are out there. You’ve found plenty of girls that sound perfect to you and you’re itching to meet with a gorgeous, sexy lady. You’ve narrowed it down to a few options and yet you’re hesitating. There’s only one thing stopping you… which escort agency do you choose and how do you know if they’re safe and reliable? Those are great questions, and definitely worth asking. While there are no doubt some shady London escort agencies, thankfully there are plenty of great ones to choose from. Read on to find out what you should look out for, and how you can choose the best escort agency for the date of your wildest dreams!

The best London escorts have been in the game for awhile!

How to choose a London escort agency

How to choose a London escort agency

The first thing to check is just how long a particular agency has been on the market. You can find this information online, but a good escort agency should have no problem telling you when you first contact them. Being new doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have a bad experience, but for your first time with an escort it’s better to choose an established and trusted agency.

Another thing to look out for is how long their girls have been around for. If it seems like there’s high turnover then this might be a sign that there’s something fishy going on. Call girls in London know how to look after themselves and if they don’t like working for an agency then there are probably good reasons for it.

Professionalism matters to call girls in London!

Perhaps the most obvious consideration are reviews from customers like yourself. A good escort service in London will have plenty of reviews written up online about it. You’ll find it on the best London escort review sites and that should give you a pretty good idea of what type of agency you’re dealing with. Article quoted by Do they respond promptly via SMS, Email, or Whatsapp? Are their responses courteous and professional? The same applies to the girls themselves. Any communication with your escort should be professional and trustworthy. Remember, this applies to you too!

As with anything in life, you can usually go with your gut instinct. If something feels off, or if you receive a less-than-professional response from an agency, don’t be afraid to end the interaction. It’s better to find another agency than to risk dealing with someone who is rude and unprofessional. Also true the world over, if it seems like too good of a deal that might be a warning sign. These are professional ladies who take themselves, and their skills, very seriously. To put it more simply, you get what you pay for!

The bottom line is that yes, while you do need to be cautious in reviewing and finding out about London escort agencies, the fact of the matter is that with a little sleuthing you’ll have no problem figuring out which one will work for you. Look for great reviews and professionalism in all your interactions with the agency and you’ll be setting yourself up for the experience of a lifetime!

Belgium escort girls

Belgium escorts is the topic for today my sweet escort girls. First of all, it’s always good to know some details about the country or city you want to work as an escort, it’s the same when you want to be one of the Belgium escorts. Belgium is one of the Western European countries, it’s capital called Brussels or often written as Bruxelles. The country is a mixture of Dutch, French and German speaking citizens, with about 11 million inhabitants. When Belgium escorts want to work there the best choice for them to work in the capital, as escort Brussels can make the best money. The fact is, Belgium escorts can choose other cities as well, as escort Brussels have to fight with the competition as well.

Belgium escorts and travel works

Well, Belgium escorts are usually working with escort agencies and make city tours, as escort Brussels even in the capital city has a much smaller market than Paris escorts or Berlin escorts can have. Brussels has only about 150.000 people in the inner city, around 1 million with the suburban areas. This means that a really good Belgium escort agency do not send more than 2-3 high quality girls to be escorts in Brussels at the same time. It’s also often true, that the best escorts can make money there as travel girls only. If you are not one of the most beautiful girls, neither a pornstar escort, it’s hard to be competitive against such Berlin escorts on tour or with local girls who have their client base already. So I would suggest than to choose another destination, as I mentioned, Paris escorts, Berlin escorts or London escorts can make easier money most of the time in much bigger cities.

Belgium escorts and clients

The local escorts in Brussels can build a local client base, and it’s a good solution, if you live there. As an economically good country, Belgium escorts can live well there. But it takes time to build a returning client base as we escort girls all know, so you have to decide what you want. If this is your way, use the biggest and best websites to advertise yourself, but it can be expensive so be prepared to have some costs.Article quoted by  My own experience was all of the time, that somehow famous girls went very-very well in this city. They outperformed even the most beautiful girls, and I mean here Brussels escort girls who were pornstar escorts at the same time. The local inhabitants love to see porn movies I think that’s why many girls are popular here from the adult industry, which means they can make huge amount of money as one of the Belgium escorts. I do not recommend to go to a tour with an agency which wants to send pornstar girls with you at the same time as escort Brussels. At last but not at least the same rules are important to be successful in Belgium as one of the escorts. Be beautiful, give the best service and make the dates unforgettable. I wish you good luck, be one of the most successful Belgium escorts!

The Green Room Story Of Mumbai Escorts

The Green Room Story Of Mumbai Escorts

Much has been written on Mumbai escorts. Many reports and news have been published on Mumbai escort services. I don’t think we have received many writings written on stories behind the stories of Mumbai escorts. Let me come to the fact file of Mumbai escorts.

Many young girls get down at Mumbai station or airport with their dreams of getting settled there permanently and earning a lucrative amount to spend her days in the most luxurious ways. Many women come with their different ambitions of Bollywood actresses, modelers, and television actresses. A vast majority of them fail to achieve self-actualizations. A few of them reach to the top and touch the pinnacle of success. This is why many women compel to start their life as independent Mumbai escorts. They are dedicated escorts. Besides, there are many women working in MNCs and IT firms. They offer escort service in Mumbai as their part time job of leisure spending and earning lucrative amount to add more with their salaries.

Dedicated escorts in Mumbai keep themselves involved in this profession and prepare themselves in the most professional ways so that it becomes their main profession of earning the livelihood. In the course of time, they get accustomed to many nationals and international services associated with this profession. The matter of fact is that Mumbai is the Gateway of India. Therefore, many international people who come to India choose this city for a halt before reaching their real destination in India. Many of them like to indulge in Mumbai escort service in order to shun their boredom caused by a long journey.  They like to make a fresh start in India with a refreshed and relaxed mind. Those gentlemen like to have a memorable erotic pleasure that can give them a lifetime experience. This is why Mumbai escort girls make them perfect to ensure the most satisfactory experience.Article quoted by  They make them perfect in offering foreplay, seduction, creative lovemaking and erotic pampering services.  Moreover, they offer some value added services for the happiness and full pleasure of their clients. The independent escort girls in Mumbai take full care of their men so that they can have the most pleasurable experience in an undisturbed atmosphere. Whether you look for an incall or outcall services, they are ready to provide them with the same.

Another class another class comprising of students, working women, and IT professionals offers escort service in Mumbai. Driven by objective of earning more and gratifying their sensual hunger by new handsome, they start offering their services. Therefore, their involvement in the game becomes very natural and spontaneous. The matter of fact is that although the game becomes pleasurable one, these escort girls in Mumbai are more conscious about their own pleasure and sensual satisfaction. This is why hiring these girls sometimes may not meet your expectation. Sometimes, they exceed your expectation to some extent. However, sometimes the recommendation of these girls can make your purpose fulfill.  Moreover, they can serve various purposes like becoming your personal assistant or accompanying to a great cooperate meeting.

Why man are Interested in Escort for Their Trip in Mumbai

Why man are Interested in Escort for Their Trip in Mumbai

Most of the men choose to hire escorts when they visit Mumbai because of several reasons. They just want to enjoy different styles of sexual activities offered by Mumbai escorts in reasonable rate. Mumbai Escorts Agency has beautiful and stunning escorts which grab the attention of a number of clients who visit Mumbai for the first time. Men find it challenging to deal with the regular life, but it’s vital for them to look after their needs and desires, specifically their sexual needs otherwise their frustration will build up gradually with the solitude. Article quoted by Most of the successful men don’t get time to have a girlfriend, that’s why they choose to send some buck to have the company of hot and sizzling escorts.

By hiring an escort during the Mumbai trip, men get the company of friendly, classy, and beautiful escort who will help in reviving and refreshing their life. These girls spice up every man’s life by giving the erotic and most pleasurable experience on the bed. She will leave no stone unturned to ensure that you are totally satisfied and happy with her service.

Actually, there are so many reasons why men go for a Mumbai Escorts Servicefor their trip in Mumbai, but here we are going to discuss some of the main reasons.

  1. The most common reason is men just want to have sex with the hottest girl. Well, it sounds crazy but it’s true. There are so many men who are successful and attractive as well plus they can easily find date for themselves but still they are looking for an opportunity to sleep with the sexiest woman.
  2. According to the majority of men there is something very hot in having the ability to demand you really want in best and just get it, with no inquiries, demands and expectations. But, in general, many men said that they were more open about their requirements and desires in front of a Mumbai Escorts and many of them were more physically satisfied when they spent money for sex.
  3. Another reason why men hire Mumbai Independent Escorts is that they make their Mumbai trip and stay extremely pleasurable as well as memorable. You may already know that sex is extremely significant in everyone’s life and men can often get frustrated when they don’t get it for longer time. Men easily get frustrated with their work load and when they visit Mumbai for official trip or business meeting, they get a chance to make most use of it and they choose to hire Escorts in Mumbai to get some physical relaxation.
  4. Men usually consider to have sex or intimate encounter with no strings attached. Because of several reasons they don’t want any sort of commitment, difficulties and complications in their life but want to enjoy life to the fullest. Many people find it difficult to get such option. But now men are becoming smarter and they prefer hiring sizzling hot beauties that can fulfill all their hidden desire and leave them completely satisfied.



How to get real GFE from our Mumbai escorts?

How to get real GFE from our Mumbai escorts?

Our escort service is the best in Mumbai because we provide you a beautiful and romantic real Girl Friend experience. Every person wants a special one for spending quality time with her. Especially a male, there are many people who are searching for love and sensual sex experience. We welcome you to our escort service where our experienced and high profile escort girls are waiting to being with you like a real lover and partner. Here you will definitely feel that sensation and vibrant touch of such beauty.

We have such beautiful and romantic girls:

If you really want a sexual partner then must come to us. Our GFE escort girls are beautiful, pretty and very responsible for their job. They know how to do French kiss, how to cuddle and how to give you an aromatic and sensual message. Enjoy with her with romantic environment, you can also take her for a date or dinner. There are number of GFE are available to us, you can choose according to your desire or tell us what kind of GFE you want we will help you.

Experience a sensual and romantic time:

We provide you high profile and sexy GFE escorts. Suppose you are looking for a smart and intelligent girl, with a sexy and hot look, but you could not found this type of girl surrounding. You are a young guy but you cannot express your sex demand to your partner because of hesitation, well need not to worry because our girls know how to please the client. They won’t stop you and do not do misbehave with you. You can easily connect with our beautiful GFE girls and share all your feelings and love to them.Article quoted by You want to cuddle them, you can, and you want to flirt with them you can, or even you want to fulfill your sexual desire with them then also you are free to do. They know very well what you want and when you want the thing and enjoy.

Our extra service:

Well, you will be happy to know that some of our GFE escorts offer extra facility and services according to our client requirement. Like erotic oil message, shower experience and bisexual activities and foreplay. And the other good news is that these extra services are connected with our facilities and it’s optional, you can accept this or can reject this. You won’t have to pay extra money for that. And even our GFE Mumbai Escort Girls will also never ask you for extra bucks. These services are part services which are provided for customer 100 % satisfaction and happiness.

You can check out our web site and scroll all the escort girls and can select from them. If you want to give any gift and surprise to your GF escort like a real girl friend then you can also check her wish list to her profile page. First come or last come everybody have most welcome here.

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